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BA (Hons), MSW (Masters in Social Work)

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Maryanne Sea learned the power of intuition in healing when she was challenged by extreme Environmental Illness. When she was diagnosed, she was 27 years old, weighed 70 lbs and was not able to tolerate chemicals, most foods and many natural substances such as mold and dust. In order to recover, she had to live in a ‘bubble’, a room stripped of just about everything associated with modern life.

Here in this room, she learned how to call upon and trust the power of her own intuition.

Her intuition became her guiding light, helping her make all kinds of decisions that were significant to her recovery.  

Over time, Maryanne began to call upon her intuition in another way  - to unravel the emotional, mental and spiritual patterns that were woven into her illness.  She knew that her healing depended not simply on avoiding chemicals and certain foods, but also on discovering how her thoughts, feelings and relationship to life, itself, related to this illness.  

For twenty years, Maryanne has offered Intuitive Readings over the phone and in person. She has also taught the courses in the power of intuition in healing at four Australian universities and in many hospitals. She loves to inspire people to discover the power of intuition in healing.